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In Switzerland and Germany, Primary School is the first stage of compulsory education stretching over 6 years. It is preceded by preschool, i.e. compulsory Kindergarten and voluntary Pre-Kindergarten education.

Age Year School Level RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok
12 6 Primary School Primary School
11 5
10 4
9 3
8 2
7 1 Basis Level
6 0
5 0 Preschool Kindergarten
4 0 Kindergarten
3 0 Pre-Kindergarten "Lernzwerge"
1.5 0 Pre-Kindergarten "Lernzwerge"
Figure 1: Preschool and Primary School

The Basis Level is the organizational form that combines the last year of Kindergarten and the first year of Primary School in age-mixed learning groups which stimulates a smooth transition into the primary cycle. The focus is set on learning and playing, individual learning paths and children learning from each other. Literacy and numeracy are introduced in a playful way. Assessment occurs without numerical grades.

After the Basis Level, the pupils continue in Primary School that stretches from grades 2 to 6.

At the end of Primary School, the students transfer into one of the three secondary levels – Swiss Realschule/German Hauptschule, Swiss Sekundarschule/German Realschule or Gymnasium – depending on their academic and personal performance and development level.


Although our school building remains temporarily closed, RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok is very much in operation. All teachers and staff continue to work hard to ensure that our students’ learning experience continues online.

The registration of new students is possible anytime and our admissions team is glad to assist you.

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