RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok provides support for needy students in the following learning areas:


Until Grade 7, German as a Foreign Language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache, DaF) is offered.


For newly arrived students with insufficient French skills, French support lessons are available.


Homework and study support (HaLe) is offered in two groups for grades 7 through 10.

This offer can be used by students who need support to complete their homework assignments or optimize their study strategies.  The goal is for individual problems to be addressed.  In addition to help on concrete homework assignments, teachers also advise students on ways that they can improve their work and study habits to become more efficient learners.

Parents register their children to join a homework and study support course until the beginning of the semester with a binding official form. Attendance is mandatory for the entire semester. The regular attendance and completion of all assignments in the given semester is required.  The homework and study support sessions are generally attended for the entire semester and cannot be terminated prematurely.

The homework and study support sessions are 90 minutes per week.

The homework and study support session is something that students need to apply for every semester rather than quit.

Support System

In the secondary level, there are support classes available for the subjects of German, French, and mathematics.  The support classes are grouped according to grade level.

Subject teachers will make a recommendation when they see that a student’s participation in the support class would be beneficial.  A recommendation for a student to take a support class follows at the end of the semester (for the coming semester), and is based upon the student’s academic performance and work in class.

Parents will be informed when a recommendation is made about taking a support class. An official form is used for parents to sign their children up for a support class. A student’s participation in any support class is mandatory for the entire semester, or as prescribed for a longer-term if agreed-upon.  Regular attendance as well as completion of all related assignments is mandatory during the length of the support course’s term.  Usually it is expected for a student to attend the support course for the entire semester; premature dropping of a support course is not allowed.

In the support courses the material from the main course is reviewed and analyzed more deeply.  This is accomplished with the assignments from the main class as well as extra assignments that could be given.  This allows the teachers of the support courses to strike a balance between reviewing the course material and individualized help and explanations.  Support courses have a duration of 90 minutes per week.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available in some subject areas. Please ask for the current private tutors list at the reception desk.

For students with limited German language knowledge the subject “German as Foreign Language” is available.

Children who require extra support in areas such as gross and fine motor skills, speaking, perception and social skills are supported with individual special educational measures for early development (individual fostering, psychomotoric learning groups).