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Learning objectives for the A1-level

Learning objectives for the A1-level

You are able to…
• say hello and say good bye in German.
• introduce yourself and your family members.
• talk about your occupation and personal information.
• ask for and tell the price.
• describe and rate objects such as furniture.
• ask for words and request somebody to repeat.
• talk about hobbies and abilities.
• ask for something and react to the requests.
• tell time, days, months and seasons.
• suggest the shared activities and make an appointment.
• name dishes and talk about eating habits.
• talk about past events and activities.
• enquire about the trip and talk about events/ feasts.
• write and understand invitations and cancellations via email and SMS.
• understand and fill in the forms.
• understand the telephone conversations in the office.
• understand the information of the products.
• name places in a city and describe the directions.
• describe and give opinion about houses, flats and objects.
• arrange and change appointments.
• offer and ask for help.
• express wishes and talk about future plans.
• talk about illness and give suggestions.
• talk about people and describe yourself.
• make a small talk and the party.
• talk about the past.
• make requests and commands about the housekeeping.
• write and enquiry.
• talk about traffic and rules and express your opinion about them.
• talk about and rate clothes.
• talk about weather and vacation and give reasons.
• name feasts and parties and talk about them.
• congratulate to someone and name presents.


Goethe A1 Course Learning Group

Course times: TBA by course instructor

Course cost: THB 10,300 per person for 28 learning sessions with 112 learning units (To be paid before the start of the course, bank details will be provided upon registration)

Room rent: approx. THB 4000 per person (Exact amount depends on the number of participants. Can be paid at the marketing office or via bank transfer to the school account at the beginning of the course)

Additional Costs: Learning material (based on individual learning goals)

Learning Materials: Participants are asked to purchase the textbook themselves at the “Bangkok Bookstore”. Required is at least the A1.1 textbook (lessons 1-12). However, the “large” A1 textbook (lessons 1-24) can alternatively be purchased.
Ms. Niknipa Chiumcharoen
Mobile/Tel. + 66 (0)9 8826 4484
E-mail: niknipa@germanbookcenter.com
Line: +66988264484
Facebook : The Bookstore-Bangkok

Registration deadline: October 7th, 2022

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Registration under: courses-bangkok@goethe.de