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Our Kindergarten curriculum, based on the Swiss and German curricula, is well-balanced and consists of different areas of learning and discovery:

  • Language skills in German and English taught by native speakers
  • Early literacy in an environment where reading aloud and library visits are natural
  • Playful math concept with the German research project "Let´s visit Numberland"
  • Personal and emotional development: socialization and self-confidence are fostered
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world with selected, age-appropriate themes
  • Creative development through arts, crafts and music
  • Physical development through sports and psychomotricity lessons
  • Project weeks, European/Thai cultural celebrations and local excursions
  • Additional classes for German as a foreign/second language

Children are allowed to develop in their own way and at their own pace with a holistic perspective. Between the ages of 3 to 5 play is the most important element of learning. Learning by doing, experiencing and understanding is essential - students are encouraged to do as many things as possible themselves, resulting in having a healthy sense of self-confidence. Thus, the students can create a solid foundation for later on at school.