School Fees 2022/2023

(2 semesters per year)

Tuition Fees

Nursery (Lernzwerge)

THB 150,000 per semester

Kindergarten (KG)

THB 155,950 per semester

Basis Level (BS) - Grade 1

THB 200,000 per semester

Grades 2 - 6

THB 232,400 per semester

Grades 7-10

THB 305,850 per semester

Grades 11-12

THB 322,500 per semester

Entrance Fee

One-time Entrance Fee per student KG - G.12


THB 165,000 one time*

One-time Entrance Fee per student Nursery (non-refundable)

* When the student moves to Kindergarten, the THB 50,000 entry fee will be deducted from the THB 165,000 entry fee for KG to G. 12

THB 50,000 one time*

Campus Development Fund or Registration Fee

Campus Development Fund (refundable) per child 

Will be wholly refunded at graduation or withdrawal from school.                                 


THB 200,000 one time


Alternatively: Registration Fee (non-refundable) per child and semester 

THB 20,000 per semester

Membership Fee

Membership Fee Swiss Education Association          

 per school year (August - July) per family

 THB 10,000 per year

Additional Fees

Lunch for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Basis Level: approx. THB. 8,500/Semester.

Money transfers to :

Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd

Minburi Branch RIS Swiss Section

Account: 145-4-075290

SWIFT CODE: BKK BTH BK (only for international transactions)

School Bus

Montri Transportation offers door-todoor bus sevice with air-conditioned and staffed minivans.

Departure:                 Pick-up at your home between 6 and 7 am

Return:                        Mon – Thu 13:45, 14:35, 16:15

                                         Fri. 13:35, 14:35

Price per semester:   Starting from THB 36,000 (depending on the distance) per semester.

See the school fees for the schoolyear 2023/2024 here.