School Fees 2020/2021

School Fee Structure 2020/2021

(2 semesters per year)

Tuition Fees

  Nursery (Lernzwerge) THB 150,000 per semester
  Kindergarten (KG)         THB 155,950 per semester
  Basis Level (BS)      THB 200,000 per semester
  Grades 2 - 6   THB 232,400 per semester
  Grades 7-10   THB 305,850 per semester
  Grades 11-12       THB 322,500 per semester

Entrance Fee

 One-time Entrance Fee per student KG - G.12


     THB 165,000 one time*              

 One-time Entrance Fee per student Nursery (non-refundable)

     * When the student moves to Kindergarten, the THB 50,000 entry fee will be deducted from the THB 165,000 entry fee for KG to G. 12

THB 50,000 one time*                   

 Campus Development Fund or Registration Fee


 Campus Development Fund (refundable) per child 

 Will be wholly refunded at graduation or withdrawal from school.                                                                                 


Alternatively: Registration Fee (non-refundable) per child and semester  

  THB 200,000 one time or 

  THB 20,000 per semester                           

 Membership Fee

 Membership Fee Swiss Education Association          

 per school year (August - July) per family

                 THB 10,000 per year

 Additional Fees

 Lunch for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Basis Level: approx. THB. 8,500/Semester.

 Money transfers to :

 Bangkok Bangk Public Co., Ltd

 Minburi Branch RIS Swiss Section

 Account: 145-4-075290

 SWIFT CODE: BKK BTH BK (only for international transactions)

 School Bus

 Montri Transportation offers door-todoor bus sevice with air-conditioned and staffed minivans.

 Departure:                 Pick-up at your home between 6 and 7 am

 Return:                        Mon - Thu 13:45, 14:35, 16:15

                                         Fri. 13:35, 14:35

Price per semester:   Starting from THB 36,000 (depending on the distance) per semester.

Although our school building remains temporarily closed, RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok is very much in operation. All teachers and staff continue to work hard to ensure that our students’ learning experience continues online.

The registration of new students is possible anytime and our admissions team is glad to assist you.

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