Workgroup on Teaching Development

The teaching development workgroup is composed of a leader and three other teachers. One member of the group is always a member of the School Management Team. Both departments, Primary school and Secondary school, are represented. The fourth member ensures a balanced representation is achieved. The workgroup usually meets every two weeks in an effort to steadily maintain improvement in the teaching and learning space of RIS Swiss Section – German-speaking School Bangkok. There is also a quarterly meeting with the school management to jointly discuss the school development, as well as to coordinate and implement further development goals. The Head of the Teaching Development workgroup is also a member of the school development group, holding its meetings twice per quarter. Their common goal is keep a positive and sustainable culture of school improvement in place at RIS Swiss Section - German-speaking school Bangkok.
The workgroup organizes teaching development with at least five days of educational training sessions per year, aligning with the development priorities of the school.