Evaluation culture

Since the introduction of binding educational standards and the passing of the quality framework for German foreign schools and standards for Swiss foreign schools, evaluation has become an integral part of schools. With the help of various instruments of internal and external evaluations, certificate examinations and other examinations, the quality of the school as a whole organization is regularly checked. Evaluation thus becomes the engine of a process-oriented quality development.
2. BLI cycle
• 2017/2018  Federal and State Inspection 2.0
• 2015/2016  Peer Review
• 2015/2016  Internal evaluation with IQES
• 2014/2015  Mid-Term visit
• 2013/2014  Peer Review
• 2012/2013  Internal evaluation with IQES
1. BLI cycle
• 2010/2011 Federal and State Inspection 1.0
• 2009/2010  Peer Review
• 2008/2009  Internal evaluation with SEIS +
 Inspection visits of the Canton of Luzern
• 2008/2009  Focus on Secondary level
• 2010/2011  Focus Primary level
• 2012/2013  Focus on Secondary level
• 2014/2015  Focus Primary level
• 2016/2017  Focus Pim / Sec / Profile E

Although our school building remains temporarily closed, RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok is very much in operation. All teachers and staff continue to work hard to ensure that our students’ learning experience continues online.

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